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Port Huron is a beautiful city to live, work, and play. Located on one of the Great Lakes, some of the largest freshwater sources in the world, the natural beauty of Port Huron is sure to dazzle anybody. Stretching for seven miles along the St Clair River and Lake Huron, the spectacular Blue Water Bridge is a stunning landmark associated with this city. The stunning blue water and tight knit community makes Port Huron a city to visit again and again. The annual events that take place here are always interesting and well organized, and that makes for a great night out on the town!

If you've ever been to Port Huron, you know that it's a charming city to visit. This city is a tourist destination due to the diverse events that take place here, as well as the high quality bars and restaurants that can be found at seemingly every corner. The abundance of natural beauty can't be ignored, and Port Huron is a city that's easily accessible from all of the major cities and freeways in Michigan, so what are you waiting for? Port Huron is waiting to be discovered and explored by you and your friends.

Are you looking to enjoy the city in the best way possible? You can start by attending the fantastic local events that take place here. You can't go wrong with attending Behind the Barrel, Blue Water Farmers Market, Miss Michigan USA, St Mary's Fall Festival, Oktoberfest, Yacht Race, Thumbfest Music Festival, Boo Fest, LUNAFest Film Festival, Turkey Trot, Art Hop in Downtown, Festival of Trees, or the Old Fashioned Christmas Horse Parade. We know that this listing of events seems extensive, but these aren't even half of the events that take place here in Port Huron.

Do you want to experience these events in the best way possible? If so, know that a party bus rental can make all of the difference in your level of enjoyment. There's no better way to enjoy a community parade or festival than by securing a professional mode of transportation such as a party bus. This is because transportation adds convenience in a way that no other service can! How could you go wrong with having a professional designated driver for these types of events? You'll be able to drink to your hearts content without any worries of inconvenience!

If the weather goes awry for one of these events, you'll have the coolest meeting spot imaginable to get shelter from the storm. You'll be able to watch your favorite DVD's on the flat screen televisions, or play your favorite tunes on the subwoofer equipped sound system. There are fantastic bar areas for drinking, as well as coolers that come filled with ice. The hardwood flooring makes dancing easy, while the tinted windows keep the party inside. Our buses also come with dancing poles! Be sure to give us a call when you're looking to reserve your vehicles. We look forward to hearing from you!

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