Flint Pub Crawling

Dv Diamond Club of Flint

(810) 233 0774 2341 S Dort Hwy
Flint MI 48507-5205
This club is off the hook with great fun, good times, great people and a whole lot more!! I truly and honestly love it. It's fun, it's cool, it's the place to be for me on a Friday night.

Little Darlings

2275 Ellsworth Road
Flint MI 48197
(734) 528-9596
This place is insanely awesome, because it has so many hot chicks here, of whom look great and are great!! They are really hot and the drinks are awesome too. Little Darlings is truly my hot spot when it comes to hotness and good times!!

Walli's Restaurant

1341 S Center Rd
Burton, MI 48509
(810) 743-9600
This place has so many great food selections, but honestly the shakes and desserts are where it's at. The ice cream hot fudge cake thing is really reall wow. It's tasty, terrific, and it and other reasons are why I love Walli's so much.

Foutch's Pub

1477 S Linden Rd
Flint, MI 48532
(810) 265-7330
Ok, so I love pub hoping, and this is one of my favorite pub's to make a stop at. It's got a lot of charm, class, and it's just a fun place with a real atmosphere that makes it an awesome bar. All in all, I highly recommend people check this place out, it's always a good time.

Peppermint Lounge

3421 Richfield Rd
Flint Township, MI 48506
(810) 736-2050
The jukebox has a ton of great music, the people are super friendly, and it's one of the best places to play pool. My girl and I come up here on a regular basis, and we have a great time. The beer is cheap and the drinks aren't too bad either.

Sherman's Lounge

4211 Fenton Rd
Flint, MI 48507
(810) 233-7057
I honestly love the chicken tenders here, more than at any other place. They are so big and tasty. Also, I gotta be honest, I've never had a jack n coke, that potent and that amazing, this place rocks!!.

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