Toledo Pub Crawling

Budapest Restaurant

3314 Monroe St.
Toledo, OH 43606
IThis is definitely the place for me when it comes to enjoying wonderful breaded sausage. The cheese and apple struddle is great to, really great. It's got a really unique and fun look to it as well, it's great in a lot of ways.

Captain D's Seafood Kitchen

2060 W Laskey Rd
Toledo, OH 43613
This is undoutedly my favorite place when it comes to enjoying really great seafood. The whitefish and breaded shrimp are my two favorites. I also enjoy the staff of whom are thorough, on point, and great overall.

Cheaib Carry Out

803 Bush St
Toledo, OH 43604
This has to be one of the if not the best place in Toledo to enjoy some wonderful carry out. It's also really really fast when it comes to service and the presentation and detail is also really great as well. It's really wonderful.

Chicago Fish & Chicken

555 East Manhattan Boulevard
Toledo, OH 43608
This is a very delicious place to enjoy very delicious things that are wonderful, especially the chicken. The chicken is where it's at, it's very very succulent, and juicy. Great place for great chicken and other great stuff.

China Crown Buffet

4751 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH 43623
We had a great time here enjoying the buffet, because of the service and the food. The crab legs and boneless chicken were great, and the waitress couldn't have been nicer. It was a great, really great time.

China King

4747 Suder Ave
Toledo, OH 43611
This place has the biggest spring rolls ever!! The egg rolls are really great too, and I mean really really great!! You should also try the scallops and beef because they are really great as well.

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