Royal Oak Pub Crawling

The Royal Oak Brewery

215 E 4th St
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Phone number (248) 544-1141
When I come here I have my top favorite 5 beers that I always get; the Pale Ale, the Sunshower, the Irish coffee stout, the Michigan Cherry ale, and the Scotch Ale. They are all really really great beers, and food wise I love getting sausage and onion pizza. It's a great place to eat, drink, and be happy.

Lockhart’s BBQ

202 E 3rd St
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Phone number (248) 584-4227
This is my favorite place to come, especially when it comes to enjoying pulled pork and beef brisket. The pork is so tender and so unbelievably delicious, and the beef melts in your mouth. Great place for bbq, really great.


222 S Sherman Dr
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Phone number (248) 584-7400
Ok so I came here for happy hour, just wanting to get a drink, and wanting to relax and have a nice time. I did all that, but I was pleaseantly surprised to see that they had really delicious happy hour foods, of which I had the bruschetta, and the crab cakes. Great drinks, and great food, make me even happier during happy hour.

La Feast

315 S Main St
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Phone number (248) 545-7100
This place has the most delicious and wonderful steak, out of any place I've ever eaten at. The chicken my wife had was also really great as well, and the service was good too. I can't complain at all, it was really a great meal with excellent service.

Little Brothers Burgers

201 W Fourth St
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Phone number (248) 414-4541
Ok so aside from the sliders, of which have gotten me through every hang over I've ever had, the cheese sticks are so amazing here. The onion rings and fries are good too, but the cheese sticks; wow!! Great stuff here, really really great stuff, especially the cheese sticks!!

Red Fox English Pub

100 S Main St
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Phone number (248) 543-4300
This is one of my favorite spots to come and enjoy a burger and a beer and some fries. The roof patio is a really great area to sit and enjoy a meal. I must say this is a great place to eat.

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