Angry Bull

Angry Bull comes highly recommended for those in the Goodells area with Port Huron Party Bus who want to know what the best sports bars are for watching the game and enjoying a nice cold brewski! This one is especially exciting because they are known for their beach volleyball area! And we're not talking about a small court, we're talking about one that is large enough to facilitate three matches at the same time! Now that's what we're talking about! For the athletically inclined, it's really a blast, and spectators will have a great time too. The service is absolutely wonderful here and the drinks are good and stiff. You'll enjoy all of the delicious appetizers and entrees that they have to offer and you'll certainly love the ambiance here! You can find this unforgettable place at 5078 Lapeer Road in nearby Kimball!

River Crab

River Crab is an absolutely awesome seafood restaurant that is attached to the Blue Water Inn! Port Huron Party Bus customers in the Goodells area really love this place, and they also love the fact that they don't have to be staying in the hotel in order to take advantage of this wonderful bar and restaurant. If seafood is your thing, you will love everything on their menu, and if cocktails are what you're after, they really know how to mix up a mean one. It can be a bit pricey here but we'd say it's beyond worth it, first for the quality of the food and drink, second for the amazing service, and third for the beautiful view, located right on the water with an absolutely incredible outdoor seating area and nice views from the windows inside as well! Truly elegant and highly recommended, at 1337 River Road in nearby Saint Clair!

Bunker's Burger & BBQ Co.

Bunker's Burger & BBQ Co. comes highly recommended by everyone that we know in the Goodells area, and our Port Huron Party Bus customers can never resist a quick visit to have some yummy food and drink with their partygoing friends! The homemade pretzel rolls are one of the first things that we recall when we think of Bunker's, and we're just hooked on all of their delectable barbecue items! They have Asian lettuce wraps that are also super good! The service can sometimes be a bit slow here but it's just that there's a more relaxed pace than you may be used to, and that's something that we can actually appreciate. The food is always served piping hot and it's just so flavorful and good. We couldn't not recommend this place to you! It's a Goodells classic! Find it at 5810 Flinchbaugh Road in Saint Clair County!

Lynwood Bar

Lynwood Bar is located in nearby Marysville, just perfect for our Goodells area Port Huron Party Bus partiers, and the thing that they always mention about this place is their wonderful patio. It's really beautiful and comfortable, and if you're not out there, you're likely inside watching the game on their many televisions. They have really good food here that will certainly bring you back time and time again. And how about those drinks? Just made so perfectly and with so much care and attention to detail. The nachos are really delicious and we love the hamburgers. On Fridays, the all-you-can-eat fish fry is lots of fun and really delicious. Fridays and Saturdays are the best nights, or customer appreciation weekend, when the prices are literally from 1982! You can find this classic beloved location at 596 Busha Highway in nearby Marysville!

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