Fort Gratiot Charter Township

Hollywood Pizza Buffet

Hollywood Pizza Buffet is one of the coolest spots for Port Huron Party Bus customers to stop in for a bite to eat when they're hanging out in the Fort Gratiot Charter Township area. We love the huge buffets that are stocked with every kind of pizza you could ever imagine, and the fact that they keep everything piping hot so that your meal is just as great as it can possibly be! Everything tastes so fresh and delicious here and there's something for everybody in your party bus group to enjoy. There's even a fresh salad bar so you can craft yourself a nice healthy plate alongside all that gooey cheesiness! Nice way to balance it out. The folks who work here are really nice and cool too. Birthday celebrations are absolutely awesome here and there's lots of space for groups! Find this one at 4175 24th Avenue right here in Fort Gratiot Township!

Palms Krystal Bar & Restaurant

Palms Krystal Bar & Restaurant is famous for its delicious chicken items, including chicken wings, fried chicken, chicken soup, and chicken in the rough! All of the aforementioned chicken dishes are really delicious and impressive, just packed with flavor, and prepared so well. Our Port Huron Party Bus customers in the Fort Gratiot Charter Township area who want a really hearty and delicious bite to eat know that Palms Krystal Bar & Restaurant will hook them up time after time! They're open until 9 on Sundays, until 10 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and until 11 on Fridays and Saturdays. Not quite a late night destination, but late enough on the weekends! We love the retro style here and the fact that it's kept clean and nice. Retro yet modern due to free wi-fi! Find this one at 1535 Pine Grove Ave in Port Huron!

China Lite

China Lite is an absolutely enormous Chinese restaurant that Port Huron Party Bus customers in the Fort Gratiot Charter Township area rely on regularly! And why not? When a place is this large and able to accommodate even the biggest party bus groups, when it's got incredible Chinese food for you to dig into, and when there's a full bar available as well, it's clearly a winner that you do not want to overlook! The almond boneless chicken is a real classic here, known to the regulars as simply ABC. This is one of those high quality Chinese restaurants that uses real, juicy, thick chicken breasts rather than the thin and unimpressive cuts that you'll find at the cheaper places. Nice to treat your Port Huron Party Bus group to a little higher quality, huh? Cool and casual and highly recommended! At 3875 24th Avenue here in Fort Gratiot!

Brass Rail Bar

Brass Rail Bar is one of the cornerstones of the Fort Gratiot Charter Township area nightlife scene, and Port Huron Party Bus customers just love stopping in for a nice drink as the night wears on! This is a bar only, not a restaurant. There is no food served here. Our partygoers love to stop at one of the above destinations for their meal and then come here for their nightcap. It's absolutely gorgeous here, with beautiful wood carvings throughout the bar, and during the holidays you're really in for a special treat with their heart-warming decorations. One of the specialty drinks, the Tom & Jerry, is a particular favorite of ours. Guinness is available here but only in bottles. Watching the game here is an absolute joy. Fridays and Saturdays are the best nights if you ask us! Find this one at 410 Huron Avenue in nearby Port Huron!

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