Malia Mediterranean Bistro

Malia Mediterranean Bistro is a truly smart choice for those who crave mouth watering Mediterranean food in the Emmett area. Port Huron Party Bus partygoers are always asking our chauffeurs to take them there to indulge in all of their yummy specialties. One of the first things that comes to mind when we think of this place is their unforgettable blackberry sorbet, served with delicious fresh blueberries on top! What a refreshing way to end an already perfect meal. They also have a really impressive wine list here, so you'll be able to choose the perfect libation to go along with your entrée. And what do we recommend for your entree? We'd have to say that the whagyu filet is a top choice. Maybe start off with the caprese flatbread as an appetizer too! You'll love everything here. Find this one at 34 West Michigan Avenue in nearby Battle Creek!

Arcadia Brewing Company

Arcadia Brewing Company is one of the smartest choices for a pub outing in the Emmett area with Port Huron Party Bus, and we think that you'll do very well to chose this one when you're out here with us. The pizza is one of our top choices as far as the food goes here, just so delicious and cheesy with fresh toppings that are packed with flavor. They have a smoker on the premises which smokes up some of the most delicious meats, and we'd very highly recommend any of those! The brews are of course a major highlight here, and the servers will be more than happy to help you figure out which ones you'll love best based on your flavor preferences. Definitely do the brewery tour either before or after you nosh on their cobb salads and smoked duck breasts! Yum! Find this one at 103 Michigan Avenue West in nearby Battle Creek!

Moonraker Lounge & Restaurant

Moonraker Lounge & Restaurant is one of the most pleasant places to dine in the Emmett area with Port Huron Party Bus. We love the huge windows and the beautiful view, and the bar area is so warm and friendly, with TVs hung behind it and cozy stools with backs for your comfort. The chicken wraps are really delicious and we also enjoy their cobb salads. The steak sandwiches are also really super delicious and we would highly recommend them to you! You can kick back and play Club Keno inside, or maybe sit outside on the patio and soak up the sun when the weather is good enough for it! Aim for the sunset hour and you'll really enjoy yourself out there. So beautiful and relaxing. And did we mention that this is one of the cheapest places to dine in town too? Find it at 14490 Beadle Lake Road in nearby Battle Creek!

Palms Krystal Bar & Restaurant

Palms Krystal Bar & Restaurant is the spot to go for delicious chicken wings, incredible barbecue items, and of course all of your bar fare favorites! Nothing but classics here. We just love it! And so do all of our Port Huron Party Bus customers in the Emmett area. Chicken in the rough is one of the specialties here, and as you know, that is quite difficult to find around here! You'll really enjoy the simple chicken soup too, and the fried chicken! Clearly, this is a chicken lovers' paradise! The wings are just packed with such flavor that you will not be able to get enough! This isn't the cheapest place in town but we'd say the prices are quite fair, and they stay open pretty late too, until 10:00 PM most nights and until 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays! You can find this wonderful place at 1535 Pine Grove Avenue in nearby Port Huron!

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