Cottrellville Township

The Little Bar

All of us at Port Huron Party Bus really love The Little Bar for our personal outings in Cottrellville Township, and we know that our partygoers also love stopping in when they are on the road with us in the party bus! The signature drink here is a coffee drink called the After-Hours, and we would very highly recommend it to you! It's made with five liqueurs and it's really something special and unique. While it's a little small in here, you can usually fit most of your party bus groups in with enough advance notice, and it's definitely more than adequate for your smaller party bus groups. The chicken wraps are an oft-recommended dish here and we adore all of the appetizers! It's been remodeled and everything's new and different, so if you haven't been in since pre-2012, stop in! Find this one 321 Chartier in nearby Marine City!

Club Capri

Another one of Port Huron Party Bus's favorites in the Cottrellville Township area is Club Capri. This is a very charming Italian restaurant that has all your classic favorites and then some. Lots of people celebrate their special anniversaries and other wonderful occasions there, and it's really a good one if you're heading out with a Port Huron Party Bus group to make some memories and take in some deliciosu food! The chicken alfredo always gets top billing on our list of recommendations here, but we'd also travel miles for just a bite of their chicken parm! The ravioli is also superb! And they're known for their pizza! There's a full bar so you'll be able to get all of your favorite cocktails while you dine, and that is a major perk! One of the best, found at 6343 Dyke Road in nearby Clay!

Bobby Mac's

There is just nothing else like visiting Bobby Mac's Bayside Tavern & Grill, especially in the icy winter months when you want to escape indoors and have a nice glass of wine by the fireside. That's the kind of ambiance that comes to mind when the Port Huron Party Bus crew thinks of this place. Cottrellville Township is really made so much better just by the inclusion of this incredible spot. We're huge fans of the cheddar bacon burger as well as all of the other burgers that they offer here. They happily accept reservations and they've got more than enough room for your Port Huron Party Bus groups here. Of course it's a full bar so you can get your drink on, and you'll love the casual and relaxing vibe that takes so much of the stress from the previous work week off. Find this one at 8287 Dixie Highway in nearby Ira!

The Raft

The Raft is another top choice of the Port Huron Party Bus staff, and how could it not be, after so many of our own customers recommended it to us? Once we tried it, we understood why they made such a big deal out of it. We love the cool building and the history of it all, and we simply cannot get enough of their legendary burgers. The chili is some of the best that you will ever taste in this lifetime, and we are not exaggerating one single bit when we say that! The fish and chips are also highly recommended by everyone we know, and we have certainly indulged in them many times since we first discovered this place. It's not a huge place but it's big enough to accommodate most Port Huron Party Bus groups in Cottrellville Township! Find this classic at 7707 Dyke Road in nearby Fair Haven! Love it.

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