Columbus Township

Bunker's Burger & BBQ Co

We honestly can't even count the number of times that Port Huron Party Bus customers have requested a visit to Bunker's Burger & BBQ Co. when they're in the Columbus Township area with us! The convenient location on the golf course is probably a big draw for these partygoers of ours, many of whom are big sports fans, but we think what it really comes down to is the delectable and unforgettable food. They have everything you'd expect at a barbecue restaurant including really great short ribs and burgers, but they've also got some surprises that we think you'll be more than pleased with, including homemade pretzel rolls and even Asian lettuce wraps! They have a very nice venue for events upstairs too that you just might want to take advantage of. You can find this favorite of ours at 5810 Flinchbaugh Road in nearby St Clair County!


Voyageur is that popular bar and restaurant in the Columbus Township area that is known for also housing a bowling alley within its four walls! We love that. And so do our Port Huron Party Bus customers! There's a really beautiful view here that you'll really enjoy while you nosh, and you'll love the fact that all ages come in here to enjoy themselves, so it's not just a predominantly younger or more mature crowd at any given time. It's quite beautiful here, and that makes it a nice place to bring that special someone if he or she happens to be traveling on the party bus with you! In a small town, this place is pretty much the top of the heap when it comes to entertainment and dining, and we just can't say enough about how much we love it. You'll be able to find this charming place at 525 South Riverside Ave in nearby St Clair!

Adair Bar

When the Port Huron Party Bus staff thinks of Adair Bar, we instantly think of fish and chips! That's what we always go there for, and boy, is it ever good! Many say that this is the best bar in the whole Columbus Township area, and we would be highly inclined to agree! On Sundays, they've got the most delicious chicken dinners in town, and on Fridays, you know that it's all about the fish! It's true that you can face a little wait here depending on what day you come in and what time, but it's totally worth it. And there's no rush since they're open until 2:00 AM every single night! We especially love the rustic vibe here which is very hunting lodge-esque, complete with trophy heads on the walls and gorgeous carvings made from wood! Absolutely excellent service really rounds out the experience. Found at 8033 St Clair Highway in Casco!

Anita's Place

Anita's Place is known for its pizza so much that you'd be tempted to think it was a pizzeria! But it's not, it's a wonderful bar, and it's one of Port Huron Party Bus's favorites in the Columbus Township area. We're always raving about their Hawaiian pizzas but you cannot go wrong with any combination of toppings. They're all so fresh and good! And they even do half off pizza night on Mondays! If that's not a reason to get out of the house on a Monday night, then we don't know what is! They really have done a great job with the remodeling here, making this into a very fresh type of pub and sports bar that feels new and inviting. They've honestly got some of the best service in the Columbus Township area and our Port Huron Party Bus customers have never had a single complaint! Find it at 341 South Water Street in Marine City.

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