Clyde Township

Angry Bull

The Clyde Township area should be proud to count Angry Bull amongst its dining and drinking establishments! This place is an awesome sports bar that also has fantastic outdoor seating and even a beach volleyball area that's large enough to accommodate three matches at the same time! Now that's what we're talkin' about! So many good times are to be had here. They also happen to have some of the best service in the area, making this a really prime destination for Port Huron Party Bus partygoers! The trigger burgers are one of our favorite things on the menu and we're also really loving their personal pizzas, which are quite generously sized and perhaps worthy of being shared with a friend! We love the rustic vibe here and we appreciate the party room that our guests take advantage of often! Found at 5078 Lapeer in nearby Kimball!

Bunker's Burger & BBQ Co.

Bunker's Burger & BBQ Co. is one of the comfiest places that you could ever eat and drink in the Clyde Township area, and Port Huron Party Bus would recommend it very highly to you! Golfers and non-golfers alike love this clubhouse location on the links, and we think you will just go crazy over their delectable pretzel rolls, yum-yum-yummy burgers and wraps, and of course those unforgettable short ribs that they are so well known for here! The service can be a bit slow from time to time depending on when you come in, but the staff is very friendly and they really do try hard to take care of everyone as quickly as possible! We think you'll really enjoy soaking up the wonderful atmosphere here and that you'll really have a great time with all of your Port Huron Party Bus friends. Find this one at 5810 Flinchbaugh Road in St Clair County!

Pioneer Bar & Restaruant

Pioneer Bar & Restaruant really has a lot to offer. Their menu is one of the largest in t own, consisting of some really great breakfasts, mouth watering soup du jour, appetizers that will get everyone set up for the perfect meal, sandwiches that are just too perfect for lunch, and entrees that will warm your soul and tummy for dinner! There's even a kids' menu here, so if you're doing the all-ages type of Port Huron Party Bus trip and heading out with the fam, they'll have plenty of options too. They've got great seating here, including booths by the window that we always enjoy. Very nice daily specials are available here, including a swiss steak that's one of our particular favorites, and the full bar is right there at your fingertips so you can really have the complete experience. Found at 5600 Lapeer Road in nearby Kimball!

The Dorsey House

Port Huron Party Bus customers in the Clyde Township area know The Dorsey House very well. This restaurant, lounge, and banquet center has been kicking since 1847, if you can believe that! It's undergone a lot of changes as the years have gone by, but it's just as cool as ever. The pizzas and sandwiches are great options for those who are hungry, and as far as we're concerned, in terms of the specialty pizzas, Murphy's is the best! They've got Guinness on tap here which is something that we really appreciate and we just love to hang out in their cozy booths while we sip it. The beautiful fireplaces really add a warm touch to the building, making it feel even more authentic and old fashioned. The service is always great and they're open until 11 on Fridays and Saturdays. Find this one at 6008 Beard Road right here in Clyde!

ZIP 48049

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