Clay Township

Bill Fritts' Browns

It's true that Bill Fritts' Browns is one of those wonderful places on the water where you can just pull your boat up, dock, and go in and enjoy some fantastic old fashioned drinks along with some incredible seafood dishes, but it's also the kind of place that you can pull the Port Huron Party Bus up to and do the same! This is the kind of place that welcomes all, from groups of our party bus partygoers to families enjoying dinner together! It's all good, and everyone gets along. They've got super friendly bartenders here who aren't too busy to chit chat with you in between taking drink orders, and we love all of the food that they serve here, especially the fish sandwiches and fries! Yum! The Bloody Mary bar is also a huge perk as far as we are concerned! Breakfast and brunch are excellent here. Found at 6630 Middle Channel Drive in Clay Township.

Club Capri

Now, if you were to ask the Port Huron Party Bus staff what their favorite Italian restaurant is in the Clay Township area, we would have to point you directly to Club Capri! Everybody just adores this place, and that includes a huge array of our Port Huron Party Bus customers. The ambiance is just so incredibly pleasant and we love the fact that they put so much effort into offering a diverse and flavorful menu. The chicken alfredo is one of our favorite things on the menu, and we are also really into their meat ravioli as well as the chicken parmesan! You could close your eyes and point to any random item on the menu and you'd be totally pleased with it. That's how good it is here! There's even a full bar so you'll be able to enjoy that cocktail that you've been craving! Find this wonderful little spot at 6343 Dyke Road!

Anita's Place

Anita's Place is a laid-back bar and grill that is known for its incredible pizza. They keep it very clean and tidy here and it's just a very pleasant atmosphere in which to dine and drink when you're out with Port Huron Party Bus. We've always been big lovers of the Hawaiian pizza, but there's not a topping combination that we wouldn't recommend to you here. Everything is delish! It's been remodeled in the not too distant past, so it's fresh and modern here, and there is a beautiful view. If you're not craving pizza, you might want to opt for some of their very good Mexican food such as chicken enchiladas, or maybe a nice burger or a submarine sandwich! The juicy burgers are always a smart choice and they're pretty generously sized too! Monday is half off pizza night too! Find this one at 341 South Water Street in Clay Township.

Schoolhouse Grill

Have you had a chance to try out Schoolhouse Grill yet? If not, why not head out to the Clay Township area with Port Huron Party Bus and give it a look? This is the kind of place that we really think you will enjoy during your party bus trip. It's very relaxing here and they have some of the greatest food in the area, including grilled mahi mahi tacos that will really satisfy your taste buds. We love all of their burgers and sandwiches too. We like the fact that they've got a nice traditional array of bar food as well as some more exciting options that you don't necessarily expect to see. Those who love seafood and wine will feel right at home here. Closed Mondays, open til 8:00 PM Sundays, 9:00 PM Tuesday thru Thursday, and 10:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. 2669 Columbine Street in the Clay Township area!

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