China Charter Township


The Port Huron Party Bus office staff have always been big fans of Voyageur, a nice traditional American bar that is located in nearby Saint Clair. The longevity of this place speaks volumes, and the quality is experienced as soon as you walk through the door. It's just so welcoming and charming. We love the fact that this is restaurant, bar, and bowling alley in one. You'll really enjoy the view while you dine and drink, enjoying delicious chowder and perhaps some of their well-known crab cakes. The club sandwiches are one of our particular favorites. Located right there near the boardwalk, you'll be able to chill out and really relax while you're there. There's live music to enjoy and an outdoor patio. Located in St. Clair at 525 S Riverside Ave.

Anita's Place

For our party customers, Anita's Place is the pizza haven that you have been looking for in the China Charter Township area. They've got plenty of space for your larger party bus groups and they have some of the most delicious pizza in town, including the Hawaiian pizza which is our personal top choice! There's of course a full bar here so you can drink alongside that delicious pepperoni pie. They've got all your bar favorites here too, including hamburgers and even some Mexican food! And it's all pretty darn good if you ask us! It's casual and chill here with a sports bar vibe, and it never tries too hard to be something that it's not. That's something that Port Huron Party Bus travelers always appreciate! We love the location right on the water. Find it at 341 S Water St over in Marine City!

Marine City Fish Co.

We'd have to say that Marine City Fish Company has one of the most unique vibes of any place that we have visited in the China Charter Township area of our Port Huron Party Bus service area. Beautiful building, cool ambiance within, great service, relaxed pace... it's just the ideal Port Huron Party Bus destination from our perspective! The Italian fishermen's seafood stew is absolutely out of this world, and the smoked salmon dip will wow your tastebuds to the point that you'll be planning your next trip there before your first one is even finished! They've got giant portions and it's just great. The only possible downside is that it's always so busy here that you may face a pretty serious wait without reservations. Of course you'll make reservations if you're traveling with us! Find this one at 240 South Water Street in nearby Marine City!

Adair Bar

Finally, Port Huron Party Bus would strongly recommend Adair Bar to you when you are craving some incredible bar food and pub favorites like fish and chips! The walleye is a particular favorite of ours. They've even got the famous Achatz pies here for you to enjoy. The old fashioned vibe here just cannot be beat. We love the hunting lodge vibe, due in part to the trophy animal heads mounted throughout the building and the beautiful wood carvings. You'll be right at home here. They've got excellent fish on Fridays and we especially enjoy the chicken dinners that are served on Sundays. They're open until 2:00 AM every single night too, so you can rely on this one as a great late-night destination. The happy hour prices are really excellent and we appreciate the fact that they offer free wi-fi! Found at 8033 St Clair Highway in nearby Casco!

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