Lenny Miller's

Port Huron Party Bus customers in the Capac area always enjoy themselves at Lenny Miller's in nearby Dryden. You can't beat the convenient location on Main Street and you will not find more reasonable prices than this in this area. It's quiet and relaxed here, with a full bar at your disposal, and the only possible downside that we can even think of is that they don't have televisions here to watch the big sporting events of the day. The atmosphere and decor are throwbacks to the good old days, and that's something that we really appreciate. The angus roast beef is something that we have enjoyed here on many occasions and we also love the cod. Stop in for their holiday buffets and you can really fill up on all your favorites. Find this very highly recommended bar and restaurant at 5800 Main Street in Dryden!

Lucky's Steakhouse

If you've ever been to Blind Fish, you'll find nearly the same kind of ambiance with a different style of food at Lucky's Steakhouse in nearby Imlay City. Our Port Huron Party Bus customers who are coming through the Capac area love heading over to this beloved steakhouse for a hearty dinner with all their friends. The fact that there's a full bar here only makes it even better for our party-loving limo bus groups! They've got more than just steaks here but it's hard for us to overlook those because they are so sensational! The prime rib is probably our favorite and we also adore their porterhouse and New York strip. They've got lots of amazing chicken dishes that you'll fall in love with too. The service is wonderful and you'll really feel that you're treating yourself. Find it at 2000 South Cedar Street in Imlay City.


Mikey's is a dive bar that all the locals love, separated into the bar area and the hangout space with the dart boards and pool table. It's a Port Huron Party Bus customers' favorite spot to watch sports and you won't believe how many beers you can order for your group without having to break the bank! Absolutely amazing everyday prices and even better specials. When it comes to the food, we are utterly obsessed with their steak grinders and hamburgers, not to mention their wonderful pizzas! You'll love coming back time after time until you've tried just about every single item on the menu. No matter what you get, order the homemade chips as a side. You will be so glad that you did! Soon you'll find yourself recommending this place to others just like we're recommending it to you! At 129 South Main Street in Almont.

Ruiz Party Shop

Ruiz Party Shop features an authentic taqueria where you can get all your favorite Mexican fare and ethnic food. Now, this is an extremely small establishment obviously, so you will want to opt for this one for carryout only when you're here with a large Port Huron Party Bus group, unless you can fit your crew at their five or so tables and counter (smaller groups might be able to pull it off!). The prices will absolutely blow your mind. If you thought you had to resort to that fast food Mexican restaurant in order to be able to afford feeding your whole Port Huron Party Bus group, you're wrong! This is even cheaper, believe it or not! Per taco, compare it and you'll see! They've got Jarritos to drink here too, which we love. Mexican Coke as well! Incredible salsa rojo and verde. At 112 East Third Street in Imlay City.

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