Burtchville Township

Palms Krystal Bar & Restaurant

Palms Krystal is a wonderfully eclectic spot that is known for its barbecue and chicken wings! It's kind of divey and casual and the prices are in the moderate range. The retro styling is something that you'll notice as soon as you walk through the door. It's really fun and cool. All of our travelers in the Burtchville Township area love coming here since it's conveniently located in Port Huron, and the fact that they have such wonderful chicken noodle soup to dive into as well as fried chicken that just melts in your mouth only makes it even more irresistible! The corned beef sandwiches are another one of our personal favorite dishes and we're also in love with the fries and cole slaw! Great sliders and fried pickles as well! Palms Krystal is located in Port Huron at address 1535 Pine Grove Ave!

Brass Rail Bar

Brass Rail Bar is a full-on bar (no restaurant involved here, no food!) where you will enjoy a fun and laid back atmosphere and plenty of cheap drinks! The best nights to come in and shake your groove thang to that juke box music are Fridays and Saturdays. We most highly recommend that you take the time to visit during the holidays when they really go all out with their decorations. It's the kind of ambiance that's hard to find elsewhere nowadays. They've got lots of nice beer choices here including Guinness in bottles, which we really love. Nothing too fancy here beyond that, but that's good enough for us! This is a dive bar, after all! It's fun to watch all the big Detroit sporting events here and to just chill with your buddies. Their address is 410 Huron Ave in Port Huron.

China Lite

China Lite is one of the biggest restaurants in the Burtchville Township and Purt Huron area, and we don't just mean in terms of reputation! It's physically large, able to accommodate larger Port Huron Party Bus groups with ease. The fact that there's a bar attached to it just makes it even more irresistible for our partygoing customers! We're always recommending their almond boneless chicken, a.k.a. ABC, and we cannot get enough of their fried rice! Wow, it's just so good. Oh, let's not forget to mention the gravy that's served with the almond boneless chicken or the egg foo young. It's so good, you'll want to just drink it down straight! But resist that urge and pour it all over your food and you'll be so glad that you did. So darn good! We could go on and on. You can find China Lite at 3875 24th Avenue in Fort Gratiot.

The Vintage Tavern

The Vintage Tavern is not only one of the coolest places for a Port Huron Party Bus group to hang out in the Burtchville Township area, it's also one place that has a sensational selection of beers on tap. You simply will not find this kind of selection anywhere else in town. They've got a nice standard menu of great food as well as offering seasonal specials that will really tempt your taste buds. The dill pickle soup is one of our go-to dishes and we're also really falling for their beef tips and pig wings! So good! The ambiance here is upscale and trendy, and we love that. Sometimes you just need to get dressed up with your party bus peeps and have a great night out on the town! The rooftop seating is highly recommended. You'll be able to find The Vintage Tavern at 103 Michigan Street in Port Huron.

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