Brockway Township

China Lite

One of the largest restaurants and also one of the best in the Brockway Township area is China Lite. This makes it just perfect for your Port Huron Party Bus outings in this area, as does the attached bar! A lot of the food here is the more Americanized version of Chinese food rather than the more traditional version, but nonetheless it is really delicious and wonderful. One of the most beloved dishes here is the almond boneless chicken which is made with fresh chicken breasts. The gravy is absolutely out of this world and you'll just want to pour it all over everything! They have a very nice lunch buffet here that you just may want to take advantage of too! That helps to feed a whole party bus group on the cheap. Enough said! We love this one. You can find it at 3875 24th Avenue in nearby Fort Gratiot!


Mikey's is a wonderful spot to hang out with your friends when you're in Brockway Township and Almont with Port Huron Party Bus. It's just a cozy dive bar that's divided up into two main areas, the bar area and the game area where you'll find the pool table and dart board plus some additional tables. Not only do they offer some of the cheapest food and drinks around, but they're also some of the most delicious! Despite the dive bar status, they actually do accept credit cards here, so it's easy to start a tab and not have to worry about paying for drinks all night long. The hamburgers and grilled cheese are really great and you will absolutely love hanging out and watching the game while you nosh on those. The beer prices will absolutely blow your mind. You will be able to find Mikey's at 129 South Main Street in Almont.

River Crab

At the Blue Water Inn, you'll find River Crab, one of the greatest little seafood restaurants in the entire Brockway Township and Saint Clair area! This is a Muer establishment so you know that you're getting some serious quality. You will pay a bit higher here than you will elsewhere, but you won't find delicious seafood like this elsewhere either! Also, the service is on a whole 'nother level too. Brunch, lunch, and dinner are all really fabulous here and you will really enjoy the casual yet upscale ambiance any night of the week or weekend. The garlic roast beef is one of our favorite things to order here and we're also in love with their glazed ham. The shrimp scampi is really fantastic with lemon rice too, and we go wild for their cajun chicken tortellini! Oh, my! Gorgeous view too! Found at 1337 River Road in Saint Clair!

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of Port Huron Party Bus's top recommendations for our travelers in the Brockway Township and Port Huron area. It's one of the largest spaces available and it's the perfect place to watch the big sporting events of the year. It's always packed with happy customers who enjoy hot wings and intense sports! Even trivia fans will be right at home here on trivia night! There's so much to do throughout the week, including play video games or just enjoy their food and drink specials. The bar is fantastic and there are a total of 25 TV screens scattered around so you'll always have a great view of the action. The outdoor patio is perfect for your parties when the weather is good enough for it! But even if you're stuck inside on a wintry day, you'll still love every moment. At 4355 24th Avenue in Port Huron.

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