Little Camille's by the Bay

Little Camille's by the Bay is a really great spot right near the water in the Anchorville and New Baltimore area that Port Huron Party Bus customers enjoy visiting when they're passing through these parts. They've got really pleasant outdoor seating and a full bar that you'll certainly want to take advantage of when you're here with us! The garlic parm knots are a must-have for an appetizer and we've always been really big fans of the chicken salad! So many of the items are buttery and indulgent here! Perhaps not the easiest place to dine if you've got health issues, but if you're in the clear, dive in and enjoy! There are always regulars hanging out at the bar and everybody is friendly and happy to see you even if it's your very first time there. You'll be able to find this spot at 51083 Washington Street in New Baltimore.

Tin Fish Resort

The seafood lovers who gather with their Port Huron Party Bus buddies in the Anchorville and Ira area absolutely love heading out to Tin Fish Resort Expensive and dressy? You bet! But totally worth every single dollar. This outdoor restaurant found on Lake Saint Clair will really please you in every single way. Of course, they're still open even in the grueling Michigan winters, with the indoor restaurant still overlooking the water and giving you a beautiful view and a great place to watch the game. You can continue to enjoy the outdoor area even as it starts to get colder though, thanks to their fireplace and heat lamps. The live bands are really sensational too. Don't miss their specials as they're great ways to try something new while also saving a few bucks! Find Tin Fish Resort at 10069 Dixie Highway in nearby Ira!

Green Street Tavern

One of the most wonderful places to dine and drink and enjoy yourself in the Anchorville and New Baltimore area is Green Street Tavern. Port Huron Party Bus customers really seem to enjoy themselves there. The interior is wonderfully charming and old fashioned, and come to think of it, so is the service! The bartenders are always friendly and happy to help you choose something that will go down just right. The burgers are just wonderful here. We're big fans of the elk and buffalo. Many have said that this is the ideal rustic hideaway for the outdoorsman type, and we would say that's pretty accurate! It's nice that the restaurant and bar areas are separate too. Come in and enjoy their Sunday buffet or just stop in for a fantastic lunch or dinner any day of the week. Find Green Street Tavern at 37700 Green Street in New Baltimore!

Bobby Mac's Bayside Tavern & Grill

A top Port Huron Party Bus recommendation in the Anchorville and Ira area is Bobby Mac's Bayside Tavern & Grill. This is a casual spot that's perfect for groups, reasonably priced and even with a full bar and outdoor seating! The seafood lovers in your group will really want to dive right into the walleye and perch here, and of course anybody who loves a nice glass of wine will want to do so here, especially perched by the fireplace where it's warm and beautiful. They've got cheddar bacon burgers here that you simply will not believe, and a farmhouse burger that's topped with delicious fried egg, melted cheese, crisp lettuce, and fresh tomato. So good! The view is the top reason to visit but so are all of the aforementioned traits! Cannot complain about anything here. Find it at 8287 Dixie Highway in Ira!

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