Adair Bar

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of visiting Adair Bar, we would very strongly recommend that you give it a try when you're on the road in the Adair area with Port Huron Party Bus. This is one of those hole in the wall country style bars where it's dim and old fashioned with lots of great things to eat and drink. The perch dinners are one of the top reasons to come in as far as we're concerned. Don't expect to find craft beers and microbrews and all that fancy stuff here. This is a domestic brew kind of place only, and we like it that way! A dive bar should simply be a dive bar, and this one does it well. The prices are bottom-of-the-barrel low. You'll have plenty to do here, with a pool table providing some entertainment while you chat and chill! Lots of room here for groups as well. Find this one at 8033 Saint Clair Highway in nearby Casco!


Another one of Port Huron Party Bus's favorites in the Adair area is Voyageur. This is a combination of a restaurant, bar, and bowling alley, and they really get all three aspects right. There's a full bar here for your larger party bus groups to enjoy. The scenery is a huge draw too, being located right there on the boardwalk with such a beautiful view. Watching the boats go by or heading out to do some shopping after you eat and drink is always nice. The clam chowder is one of our favorite things on the menu and we also indulge in their club sandwiches on a regular basis too! Super friendly service really rounds out your experience here and we think you'll really consider that one of the perks of dining here. Very highly recommended to our party bus customers! You'll be able to find this one at 525 South Riverside Avenue in nearby Saint Clair.

Anita's Place

All of us at Port Huron Party Bus think that you'll really love Anita's Place when you're coming through the Adair area with us. This one is found in nearby Marine City and it's basically a combination of a restaurant and pub or sports bar. The pizza is what they're best known for and there's no question why! The delicious crust, the melty gooey cheese, the fresh and delicious veggie and meat toppings... we could go on and on about the deliciousness that is their pizza pie! They also have wonderful nachos and burgers as well as subs, and even some Mexican fare that is worth trying! Very good salsa here too. You'll enjoy the fact that there's a full bar here and you'll especially enjoy the wonderful service that you will receive whether you're eating, drinking, or both! Find Anita's Place at 341 South Water Street in nearby Marine City!

Marine City Fish Co.

Another top Port Huron Party Bus choice is Marine City Fish Company. We usually recommend this one for our smaller and more intimate party bus groups, since it's a bit small and cramped. Some simply choose to order some take-out to enjoy on the bus, and that's always a great option too! The smoked salmon dip is one of the things that we love the most here and we're just so enamored with their Italian fisherman seafood stew. My goodness, is it ever good! The homemade potato chips are also a plus here. Let's not forget to mention the amazing selection of craft brews and wines here too! It's not a huge selection but it's a very well-chosen one. The ambiance is cool and even trendy. We really think that you will enjoy it here! You will be able to find Marine City Fish Company at 240 South Water Street in nearby Marine City.

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